Frenectomy Pre Operative Instructions

Welcome to our dental practice! If you’re considering a frenectomy procedure, it’s important to understand the pre-operative instructions to ensure a smooth and successful experience. A frenectomy is a common dental procedure used to remove the frenulum, a small band of tissue that connects the lips, cheeks, or tongue to the gum tissue. Before your scheduled appointment, there are several important steps to follow to prepare for the procedure. These instructions will help minimize any potential risks and ensure optimal healing post-surgery.

Dear Concerned Parent,

Thank you for scheduling a consultation for infant tongue and/or lip tie release. Please read this letter in its entirety prior to presenting for your appointment so that you are best prepared with any questions that may come to mind.

It is of utmost importance that the assessment form(s) are completed in advance of your appointment. Please be sure to provide any additional information such as traumatic and/or pre-mature birth as well as a list of any other providers involved in the baby’s care. This list may include IBCLC, chiro, CST, etc. Dr. Hardy and her team review these documents in advance of your arrival to prepare for the consultation.

Many times, an infant’s restrictions can be released on the same day as the consultation so long as all parties agree on the timing. However, if it is not in the patient’s best interest, Dr. Hardy will make this very clear and present a care plan involving collaboration with other providers.

In case a same-day release is provided, it is best to have a pain-plan in place. Dr. Hardy uses the LightScalpel CO2 Cold laser for all infant releases. In her years of experience with many hard and soft-tissue lasers, the CO2 wavelength is the most appropriate for this specific procedure. It allows for aclean field of view with its shallow cutting depth. There is little-to-no bleeding and inflammation as a result of the procedure. Often times, if any bleeding occurs during the procedure, it is the result of tension release as Dr. Hardy stretches and checks for appropriate function prior to considering the release completed. Nonetheless, discomfort can be expected for 12-24+ hours post-op as a result of muscle fatigue. Please ensure you are prepared with infant acetaminophen (Tylenol) and/or arnicatablets (30c for dissolving in breastmilk or water). Camilia drops can also be soothing. Skin-to-skin, breastfeeding, and vagus nerve stimulation are also great ways to calm your baby post-operatively.

Please bring your baby’s favorite blanket-style swaddle to the appointment. We have Boppy pillows for your use as needed. If possible, it is best for baby not to have been recently fed (at least 1 hour) prior to the appointment. Dr. Hardy will discuss the pros and cons of topical anesthetic to determine what is best for your child and immediate post-op goals in the event that a procedure is recommended.

Dr. Hardy considers a release ideal when CST (or other bodywork) is completed within 72 hours after the procedure and follow-up with IBCLC/ feeding specialist is done as prescribed. On occasion, it will be recommended to see a bodyworker within 24 hours prior to the release and thus the procedure(s) would be scheduled for a future time.

Post-op stretches are crucial to the long-term success of the procedure. They will need to be ompleted 4-6x daily for approximately 4 weeks. Please ensure that the stretches are quality even though your child will likely appear uncomfortable. A new frenulum will appear within the first couple of weeks and this is normal. Continuation of deep, quality stretches beyond the appearance of a new frenulum at thesurface will help to prevent restrictive scar tissue formation within the underlying connective tissue. After all, the goal is elimination of restrictive tissue. Dr. Hardy will demonstrate the stretches on your child and welcomes you to take video for your reference. A one-week post-op
appointment will be scheduled and is included in your care plan fee. Please make it a point to present to this appointment as Dr. Hardy will check on the appropriateness of your at-home stretches and wound care and provide feedback. She will also give notes on what to look out for and when, if ever, it would be appropriate to circle back for re-evaluation of function. If appropriate, two-month post-op checks are also included in your care plan.

We look forward to meeting you and your sweet bundle of joy!


Your Care Team at Flourish Tongue Tie Center